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Quality and Precision


Band saw cutting

We make cuts with a band saw

Cutting range 0°
– pipe maximum fi 180
– profile 210×180
– square 180×180

45° cutting range
– tube fi 140
– profile 140×90
– square 90×90

Conventional turning

CNC milling service

We offer the highest quality and precision CNC milling service, this is possible thanks to our knowledge, commitment and also high quality  software, tools and accessories. Maximum milling size XYZ 400x300x380mm.

CAD/CAM programming

With years of experience using CAD/CAM software, we are able to make the most demanding details such as prototype molds.                TP Engineering also makes small parts with high accuracy to +/-0.01mm using micro milling cutters and micro ball mills with a diameter of 0.3mm.

CAD design

TP Engineering also offers CAD (Computer Aided Design) design support in its offerings.

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